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Illona Kotze

I was born in Windhoek and also grew up here, therefore you will understand that I share your love for our beautiful and clean city.
I started my Estate Agent career in 2014 and have ever since never looked back. Being confident and self-driven helped me to achieve my own goals. This is the foundation upon which I base my service to my clients where I fulfill their dreams in such a way that they will refer me to their friends and colleagues.
I just love our country and Namibian people; they are unpretentious and so hospitable! What a pleasure and privilege dealing with them on a daily basis!! It is not only having a business experience but every negotiation enriches my life.
Finding a dream home for a client is based on honesty and candidness which is very important to me.
Gardening and baking is my passion, not to mention tasting all delicacies! Mmmmm…. I am a house wife, I am a mom, I care about my home and my family. I can relate to you because you care about the same.
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Illona Kotze

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