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Callie Mans

I grew up in a small town in Namibia, fortunate to graduate in a school with very high standards. Moving from there to the army and afterwards starting my own business in housing, I had to learn the basic principles of attitude and discipline, which is essential for success. As time moved on in my business, I learned a lot about clients' needs, their behaviours, and what it takes to fulfill their dreams and needs. I learned that product knowledge, effective communication and drive is what sets successful people apart from the average. One of my goals in life always, was to deliver outstanding, excellent service to my clients, and to do more what the average salesperson would do. Thus, combining my desire to deliver my best always, with my knowledge of real estate, is what made me entering the real estate business. To stay energetic, cool and calm in a difficult environment, I do walking on a daily business and keeps my spirit fresh and alive. I love reading books about "How people grow", books on leadership and books about real estate.
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Callie Mans

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